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Publication of ISO 45001, Release to be delayed

19 Jan 2017

According to the timetable of the international standardization bodies, the ISO 45001 should be published in mid-2017. It is now certain that this timetable will be delayed, because the last meeting of the "international working group" in November 2016 did not allow all comments to be finalized. This means that a further meeting of the "international working group" will be necessary. This is planned for the 6th - 10th February 2017 in Vienna.


From today's point of view, the following is the case:

    • finalizing of the draft standards (DIS 2) by the end of March, beginning of April 2017, followed by an international vote
    • Start of translations into the respective country languages
    • Consideration of the results from the vote on draft standards, probably in September

If only a few comments on the draft are received and the draft is confirmed in September, the standard could be earliest published in October / November 2017.

Otherwise, the publication of the standard will postponed to March or April 2018.

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